Partners for growth

Ambitious growth plans for Ireland

  • The Irish government’s goal for long term development of the country and its economy, as laid out in the Project Ireland 2040 plan, includes ambitious targets for population and employment growth
  • The plan’s objectives to sustain this growth include promoting compact growth in Irish cities to avoid urban sprawl, as well as goals for sustainable mobility and regional accessibility
  • All of these goals have substantial implications for property investment
  • To achieve these objectives, the National Development Plan was developed to plan capital expenditure through 2027 in areas such as transport infrastructure and urban development

Partnering to deliver Ireland 2040 


  • Population growth by over one million through 2040
  • 550,000 new houses to house the population
  • 660,000 new jobs to employ the population
  • 22 new road projects, in addition to 23 road projects currently in planning, design and construction


  • To achieve objectives, significant public capital expenditure is required, with €116bn earmarked for investment through 2040
  • While public capital expenditure on infrastructure is vital, investment from the private sector will need to be a multiple of public spending to provide the housing, office space, retail space and other amenities required
  • We estimate that investment will be circa €322bn                                                          

Projected Contribution of Capital to Planned Infrastructure Development; Public vs Private – Detailed (€bn)

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